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Our mission at Paradigm Physical Therapy is to provide our patients with the best care possible. This starts from the moment a patient enters our clinic. We treat you like family, facilitating every step of recovery as we get you back on the road to doing what you love. Every treatment is one patient to one privder in a private treatment room. We address our patient's injuries from a whole body approach and a patient/provider collaboration. This means you treatment plan is specific to your needs and goals.
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Physical Therapy

Each patient’s treatment is designed for their particular needs.

Dry Needling

Trigger point dry needling is a powerful treatment for muscle tightness.


Pilates helps to optimize your body’s performance whether it be sitting in your car, at a desk, or doing a triathlon.

Massage Therapy

At Paradigm, massage therapy fits well into our treatment approach of optimizing how your body works.

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What our patients are saying

"Old geezers out on old bikes riding as many miles as they are "young"- You just gotta love it! Half on gravel roads as well. Thanks again to Bo and all the gang at Paradigm for helping me get back on my feet and pedaling again!!" -A.

"Thank you for everything! During my time at Paradigm I was able to keep dancing and I made new friends. I have always been active and I was devastated to hear I wouldnt be able to dance anymore without knee pain. This year you helped me manage the pain and I got to continue my passion. My high school dance team placed second in the state and twenty-sixth in the nation!!! Everyone at Paradigm is so friendly, they alwasy made my visit enjoyable; even if Bo was making me laugh instead of cry from the needles. Thanks! You are all amazing!" -M.D.

"Thanks for all you have done, and still do to help me through injuries so that I can continue to participate in triathlons. It feels great to be 50+ and fit!" -B.K.

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