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Who We Are

At Paradigm, we are not satisfied with simply restoring your movement after an injury. Traditionally, physical therapists would set their treatment goals to simply regain your movement or strength, and once you achieve that you were discharged. Yes, you may be able to lift your shoulder overhead, but it doesn’t mean you can play tennis.  We want to help you be better, so that you can play tennis, play golf, hike a 14’er, race a triathlon, or whatever activity you desire. Our proprietary treatment plans Recover Better and Perform Better help you become “Better” after your injury.


What We Do

We treat virtually any musculoskeletal injury, which encompasses anything related to your muscles and bones. Think of us as your biomechanical experts. We will evaluate your condition, and explain it to you in simple, easy to understand terms. We use “hands-on” physical therapy techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, similar to massage, joint mobilization and trigger point dry needling. This is used in conjunction with exercise, such as Pilates and education.

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